Beyond Multi-Cloud FinOps

Save up to 50% on your cloud computing costs

Your cloud bills don’t have to rocket sky-high. Shibuya’s innovative solution will drive down your cloud costs while maintaining agility and elasticity.

How it Works

Optimize your multi-cloud resource utilization

Take better control of your cloud usage and dramatically reduce costs.

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FinOps Service that helps organizations face expenditure and economic challenges by allowing them to gain control and visibility

Shibuya SaaS-based service harnesses cloud analytics, a unique comprehensive platform, and professional cloud architects working symbiotically. Combined, Shibuya brings its customers a complete, end-to-end service that solves your expense issues, monitors productivity, resolves billing errors, optimizes service plans, and saves costs.

Why Shibuya

Put Shibuya to work. Invest your money where it's needed

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Easy Setup

Set it up once, and you’re good to go – no hassle or code required.

​Whether large, small, or medium-sized enterprises, national or multinational, businesses today accumulate various cloud services and providers, enabling their workforce to work on anything from just about anywhere.

Optimize Resources

Rest assured your cloud resources are spent wisely.

The increasing popularity of cloud computing forces businesses to increase their spending on this technology. Although cloud systems offer businesses scalable services that optimize their resources, they are mostly unaware of how much they overspend.

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Smart Budgeting

Manage your cloud budget in a more effective and reasonable way.

​According to Gartner, through 2022 in any given month, over 30% of the growing expenditure on software and cloud services will be unused. Thus, companies can cut their overall costs significantly by optimizing their cloud costs.


From API integrations to powerful analytics – Shibuya has it all

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Shibuya is a multi-cloud solution that supports GCP, AWS, OCI, and Azure cloud platforms. We offer advanced features such as analytics dashboards, user-friendly management dashboards, and ongoing support.

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