We help your cloud costs down

Our Mission

Beyond optimizing software architecture, organizations should also look to measure unit cost, COGS, and cost per customer as part of their cloud cost management strategy. Increasing cloud costs aren’t always a bad thing. For example, it’s normal for a business to see their AWS bill go up if they are bringing on more and more customers each month.

​Our mission is to help you quickly and seamlessly manage all your multi-cloud FinOps, in one centralized location so you can improve efficiency and cut down on expenses.

The Benefits Of Cloud Cost Management

Cloud cost management has many important benefits that are interconnected, straightforward, or hidden. These benefits include being able to:

  • Forecast, plan, and budget your cloud spend with greater accuracy.
  • Empower engineers to see the cost impact of their work.
  • Discover areas of your software that could be rearchitected for increased profitability
  • Identify your least profitable technologies, customers, and projects within the cloud.
  • Decide whether to adjust your pricing structure, decommission some features to cut operational costs, or scrap some projects to make room for more profitable ones.
  • Calculate the effectiveness of and take advantage of load balancing, autoscaling, capacity reservation, volume discounts, and saving programs.