Shibuya and AWS Cloud Management

AWS cloud cost optimization

Optimize your AWS resource utilization, drive financial accountability at scale, ensure operational efficiency, and ultimately reduce your AWS cloud costs by up to 50% with Shibuya cloud cost optimization platform.

Smart cost management and optimization for Amazon Web Services

Automated cloud operations

Simplify and enhance your AWS infrastructure management with advanced automation to improve your cloud ROI.

AWS cloud management dashboard
cloud savings dashboard

Cloud cost reduction

Get instant access to comprehensive analytics to manage and budget your cloud spend with greater accuracy.

Easy, no-hassle setup

Set it up once and let the automation do the rest, helping you reduce costs and unlock the value of your cloud.

AWS cloud adding interface

Optimize your AWS investment with actionable intelligence

Holding over 30% of the cloud services market, AWS remains an indisputable leader in the niche. As more businesses are leveraging the power of AWS cloud services to transform their operations, they are often challenged to make the most of their cloud investments. With Shibuya, an AWS trusted partner, organizations and enterprises can better manage a hyper-dynamic cloud environment, ensuring maximum savings and minimum waste through intelligent automation.

Shibuya and AWS partnership benefits

Expense management

Capitalize on actionable recommendations to increase your confidence in cloud spending.

Advanced reporting

Leverage custom reports and detailed dashboards tailored to each business function, project, or team.

Resource utilization

Get complete visibility into your AWS resource utilization to understand cost and usage trends.

Automation intelligence

Automatically manage, identify, and get rid of unused resources to eliminate cloud waste.

Educated decisions

Uncover anomalies and network usage spikes to make better cost allocation decisions.

Plan and forecast

Forecast and plan your cloud spend across regions, instance types, Reserved Instances, and Savings Plans.

Ready to take over control of your AWS spend?

Achieve the maximum business value from your AWS cloud investment and make more informed, data-driven decisions at every step of your cloud journey with Shibuya’s AWS cost optimization solution. Book a demo now to get a deeper insight into how Shibuya end-to-end cloud cost optimization platform can help you cut your AWS cloud bill by half.

cloud cost spending dashboard
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