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At least 30% of business cloud spending is being wasted month after month

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Gain full control and better visibility of your Kubernetes cloud spending with Shibuya K8s solution, cut down on unnecessary excessive costs, and spend your budget more efficiently.

Kubernetes cloud optimization

The Problem with Kubernetes Cloud Costs

Are unexpected cloud provider costs and the lack of Kubernetes cost visibility giving you a headache?

Managing multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters with dozens of nodes and hundreds of services might be costly for businesses. How do you figure out what application or service is to blame for unexpectedly high cloud cost wastage? Shibuya K8s can solve that challenge with proven Kubernetes cloud cost optimization methods and help you avoid the ‘bill shock’.

What is Shibuya K8s?

Shibuya K8s is a Kubernetes cloud cost optimization system that can break down the cloud infrastructure costs of your Kubernetes cluster based on various cost analysis techniques. It allows you to have better visibility into how these costs are allocated and forecast future spend more accurately without compromising on functional requirements.

Why Shibuya K8s?

Seamlessly optimize your Kubernetes cloud spend with a reliable partner and take the stress out of this process

Kubernetes cloud spend reduction

Cut down on your Kubernetes cloud costs with Shibuya K8s solution.

Cloud spend wastage is too common for businesses that have invested in Kubernetes. With Shibuya K8s, you can significantly cut down on cloud costs of your Kubernetes clusters by gaining complete Kubernetes cost visibility and optimizing the node configuration and network spend.

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More predictable future cloud spend

Make your future Kubernetes cloud spend more predictable.

Take advantage of the comprehensive analytics and effortlessly track the network traffic usage and cost metrics over time. Check the statistics of a specific day or track your weekly or monthly spend trends to forecast your future Kubernetes expenses more accurately.

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Optimizing your Kubernetes resources should never be an afterthought.

Shibuya K8s not only provides cost visibility to FinOps and DevOps at your organization but also empowers your engineering and development teams to make more cost-effective, data-driven decisions when deploying applications into your Kubernetes clusters.