Shibuya and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Management

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Simplify your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) management, optimize your OCI resource usage and cloud environment, and reduce your OCI bill by leveraging the intelligence of Shibuya cloud cost optimization platform.

GCP cost optimization

Seamless Oracle Cloud cost optimization and cost management

Smart automation at scale

Cut down on the manual work by automating redundant processes and let your FinOps team focus on what matters.

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Ultimate cost reduction

Take better control of your OCI spend, plan your cloud budget with more accuracy, and reduce costs.

Effortless set-up

Get started quickly, customize, and automate workflows to unlock cost-saving benefits.

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Get the most out of your Oracle Cloud investment

As a relatively new market player in the cloud computing industry with a modest market share compared to the AWS-Azure-GCP trio of cloud giants, Oracle Cloud has risen to greater prominence over recent years. A range of features and hybrid cloud capabilities make OCI a compelling choice for businesses and enterprises looking for a high-performance, easily scalable, secure, and cost-efficient cloud platform. In close partnership with Oracle Cloud, Shibuya enables you to maximize your OCI investment, better manage your OCI resources, and achieve significant cost savings through intelligent automation.

Shibuya and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure partnership benefits

Automation intelligence

Set up custom templates and automate workflows to optimize your operational efficiency.

Better resource utilization

Get better visibility into your OCI resources and eliminate cloud waste by shutting down unused ones.

In-depth reporting

Get a deeper insight into your OCI infrastructure through detailed reports and analytics tools.

Cloud cost optimization

Plan your OCI spend with more accuracy and confidence to avoid excessive expenses.

Multi-cloud management

Easily manage your multi-cloud environment from a single platform with an intuitive interface.

More informed decisions

Make more informed, data-driven decisions around resource planning and budget forecasting.

Ready to get started optimizing your OCI spend?

Simplify your OCI financial management and optimize your multi-cloud infrastructure while reducing costs with Shibuya’s all-in-one cloud cost management platform. Book a demo now, and one of our product experts will guide you through our platform capabilities and give you a deeper insight into how it can help you cut down on your overall cloud bill by as much as 50%.

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