Shibuya and Azure Cloud Cost Optimization

Azure cloud cost optimization mobile

Take the most of your Microsoft Azure Services with Shibuya cloud cost optimization platform. Enable more intelligent Azure cloud cost management and cut down on your Azure bill by optimizing your cloud environment.

Azure cloud cost optimization

Easier Azure service management and cloud cost reduction

Leverage automation at scale

Simplify and automate the usage of your Azure cloud services, reducing the amount of manual work and eliminating human errors.

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Azure cloud adding interface

Set up and use with ease

Set up, customize, and automate your workflows to unlock new Azure management and cost-saving capabilities.

Reduce your cloud costs

Achieve better Azure cloud cost control, reduce your Azure cloud spend, and manage your cloud budget with greater efficiency.

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Maximize the value of your Azure investment

With 23% of the global market share and 95% of Fortune 500 companies among its customers, Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud provider and one of the leaders in the cloud computing industry. Powerful hybrid capabilities, robust security, scalability, a large range of services, and competitive pricing make it an attractive go-to solution for many businesses and enterprises. As a trusted Microsoft Azure partner, Shibuya enables you to get the most of your Azure investment through intelligent automation, resource optimization, and informed Microsoft Azure cost management.

Shibuya and Microsoft Azure partnership benefits

Smart automation

Automate daily tasks and improve your operational efficiency with custom templates and policies.

Resource management

Enable more efficient resource utilization by rightsizing and shutting down unused resources.

Cost management

Plan your Azure cloud spend with more confidence and make more accurate expense predictions.

Reports and analytics

Take advantage of reporting capabilities and gain more visibility into your resource allocation.

Data-driven decisions

Make more informed decisions to take your Azure cloud service management to the next level.

Multi-cloud optimization

Streamline, simplify, and optimize your multi-cloud infrastructure management from a single platform.

Ready to optimize your Azure cloud service management and reduce costs?

Shibuya offers a complete end-to-end cloud cost management solution to enable you to save money on your Azure compute services and optimize your multi-cloud infrastructure. Schedule a demo to see Shibuya in action and find out how it can help you automate your cloud management and reduce your overall cloud bill by up to 50%.

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