Scalability in Cloud Computing: Everything You Need to Know

Scalability in cloud computing - A cloud graphic with various business icons (small and large enterprises) moving towards it, showcasing the adoption of cloud computing.

As an increasing number of businesses and organizations, both small and large-scale enterprises, are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, which accounts for the growing adoption of cloud computing worldwide – many are still not fully aware of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. Scalability is one of those undeniable advantages that make […]

Anomaly Management

Anomaly Management in Cloud FinOps

Detecting and efficiently managing anomalies in an organization’s cloud spend is critical to optimizing resource utilization, avoiding unforecasted cloud billing charges, and ensuring cloud costs are managed effectively and kept under control. Without an efficient cost anomaly management strategy in place, FinOps teams might be challenged with unexpected cloud expenses, putting a strain on an organization’s […]