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VoiceSpin Case Study
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How VoiceSpin Managed to Reduce Their Cloud Spend by 47% After Implementing Shibuya

About VoiceSpin

VoiceSpin is a global provider of VoIP telephony and AI contact center software solutions that has been serving thousands of SMBs and large-scale enterprises for over 15 years. VoiceSpin’s solutions enable businesses to manage their inbound and outbound voice and digital communications, engage more leads more efficiently, and improve sales conversions through intelligent automation.

The Challenge

As a leading provider of VoIP cloud telephony and advanced AI-powered contact center solutions, VoiceSpin’s team has been consistently bringing exciting new features and capabilities and increasing their customer base, which is a positive sign of the company’s growth. However, like with most SaaS companies, that inevitably resulted in a considerable increase in their monthly cloud computing bill.

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“We were actually spending around 5% of our income on public cloud costs. When trying to dig deeper into our cloud spend, we realized that the cost per account was a major component that just kept on growing month by month. So, we obviously wanted to reduce this KPI while continuing to deliver value to our clients and maintaining healthy profit margins. We also knew that we needed a better way to proactively control it and be able to attribute specific cloud costs to individual clients.” says Rommy El Ami, Co-Founder and CEO at VoiceSpin.

In addition to that, the DevOps team was spending a large amount of their precious time trying to reduce the company’s cloud spending, without having deep enough insight into how these costs aligned with their business initiatives. Even though the team was making proactive steps to track and manage cloud costs, that wasn’t efficient enough.

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The Solution

When VoiceSpin discovered Shibuya, a cloud cost optimization platform, they managed to gain granular visibility into their cloud spend and a much better understanding of how these costs were allocated. The VoiceSpin team was able to identify specific areas where they could reduce their cloud costs without impacting the service delivery for their clients.

“Shibuya helped us better understand the cost per customer and service. It has also given our team the confidence that any unpredicted cloud costs will be captured quickly before they get out of control and a huge portion of our budget gets wasted. We can now forecast future cloud costs with much greater accuracy and make more informed decisions.” says Rommy

The Outcomes

Allowed for cloud cost reduction by nearly 50%

Shibuya provided the VoiceSpin team with much-needed insights into their cloud cost allocation, allowing them to get a better understanding of why their cloud costs were increasing and manage their cloud investments more efficiently based on a more holistic cost data view. That allowed for tremendous cost savings.

“Shibuya has helped us become much more cost-efficient and enabled us to cut down on our overall cloud costs by as much as nearly 50%, which has been a true game-changer for us. Based on the visibility Shibuya provides into cost per customer and other critical KPIs, our team has been able to quickly identify cost reduction opportunities and take strategic steps to optimize our cloud spend. Beyond that, we are now able to serve more clients at less costs. says Rommy

Enabled daily cloud cost improvements

VoiceSpin cloud optimization results with Shibuya

By making the most current cost and rightsizing insights immediately available, Shibuya made it possible for the VoiceSpin team to make daily cloud cost improvements and resource usage optimizations that significantly contributed to the overall cost reduction without sacrificing performance and system uptime. 

“With Shibuya, we are now able to create and manage schedules for resources to align resource usage with the actual operational needs. So when, for instance, certain customers aren’t actively using our telephony system during specific time frames, we can easily reduce resource usage and mitigate unnecessary costs during periods of low demand. We’re also able to instantly spot cost anomalies caused by technical issues and take timely measures to regain control. The best part, we are consistently improving our cloud cost efficiency without compromising on the system performance.” Rommy said.

Decentralized cloud cost reduction responsibility

By delivering cloud cost metrics through the platform’s reporting capabilities in an organized, comprehensible, and transparent way, Shibuya enabled VoiceSpin to take the pressure of the cloud cost reduction responsibility off the DevOps’ shoulders and reallocate their time from cloud cost management to building and deploying new features rather than spending hours drilling into the root causes of unexpected cloud cost spikes.

Cost data is now made available to the VoiceSpin’s finance team, empowering them to take full control of their cloud cost management and make more informed, data-driven strategic decisions while also reducing the manual effort required to manage and report on costs.

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